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  • Article: "California Solo" A Movie Review by Harry DeMell

    "California Solo" - A Movie Review

    Harry DeMell

    The recent movie release of ‘California Solo’ has gone largely unnoticed by the immigration community, although it has a decidedly immigration message. The movie stars Robert Carlyle, known for such movies as ‘the World is Not Enough’ and ‘The Full Monte’. He plays the part of a legal permanent resident living in California who is arrested for a DUI and finds his life in a tailspin.

    The movie, directed by Marshall Lewy is a bit short on the exactitudes of the law, when our hero is detained by ICE and issued a Notice To Appear for that arrest coupled with an old drug arrest that had gone unnoticed by DHS.

    This movie is entertaining on a variety of levels as it portrays the main characters frustration with the system, his lawyers and the uncertainty surrounding his predicament.

    This movie, portrays the alien’s point of view showing his inability to completely understand the system. It will make for interesting watching for anyone who frequents ILW.

    I enjoyed it and I strongly recommend it.


    About The Author

    Harry DeMell is an Attorney practicing exclusively in the area of Visa, Immigration and Nationality Law since 1977.

    The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) alone and should not be imputed to ILW.COM.
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