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  • Bloggings: Goals Met! by Greg Siskind

    Bloggings on Immigration Law and Policy

    by Greg Siskind

    Goals Met!

    It's off topic, but 2012 was an ambitious year for personal new year's resolutions. I started out the year more than 45 pounds overweight (a lot given my five foot eight inch frame). Though I have been in to fitness, I was still far too heavy. I wrote down all of my goals at the beginning of the year and they included losing the weight, running three triathlons (including a half ironman), running three half marathons, riding a bike century,  and riding at least 500 miles a month on the bike overall. Today, I reached the last of the goals as I crossed 6000 miles on my bike (and I did an extra triathlon and the MS150 with a bike century on the first day in addition to a standalone century). The local newspaper even did a story on me and I was happy it was about something other than immigration. Now I've got to figure out what I want to do next year (though I've already registered for a half ironman triathlon in New Orleans in April and I'd like to run a full marathon later in the year). Hoping to report next December that the weight is where it should be and I've had another year of fitness goals met. To readers who may be thinking about getting healthy, I can only tell you that after being overweight for much of my adult life, it feels great to finally have done something about it.

    IMG_1602 980499_t607


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