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The United States of America situated mostly in central North America, lies between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. It is a federal constitutional republic comprising 50 states and a federal district. At 9,826,675 million square kilometers and with over 308,745,538 million people, the United States (U.S.) is the third largest by both area and population. The US Economy is the world's largest national economy. English is the official language.


The U.S. Constitution is the foundation of the country's judicial system. The Constitution created three separate branches (the executive, the legislative and the judicial branches) of government with each one having its own powers and areas of influence. The country is subject to a federal government that shares sovereignty with the state governments. In addition to the federal government, the people are also subject to a state government and various units of local government like counties, municipalities, and special districts.