The following is report about Juan Samayoa, who is facing deportation, and has been alleged to be a paramilitary leader from Guatemala's civil war

Via NPR:

[Juan] Samayoa, 67, has been living in the country illegally since the 1990s. He's been in and out of immigration proceedings since he fled Guatemala, but managed to stay in Providence, working as a landscaper.

Last fall, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested him for immigration violations after investigating his activity during the war.

Authorities in Guatemala say they're waiting for Samayoa with an arrest warrant — for crimes including rape and murder.

"I think he is a very bloodthirsty person with a great level of cruelty — given the way he killed his victims. They were subjected to torture," says Hilda Pineda, Guatemala's top human rights prosecutor.

Court documents supplied by Pineda accuse Samayoa of involvement in 38 murders, dozens of kidnappings, and 14 rapes carried out in the early 1980s.

The accusations include burying people alive and torching their homes.

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