Via Syracuse University's TRAC Immigration:

[N]ewly obtained case-by-case court records show that depending upon the community in which the immigrant resides, the odds of obtaining representation in Immigration Court deportation proceedings varies widely. In some places in the United States the odds are 1 out of 100 of obtaining representation in cases filed in the last 90 days, and rise to only 20 out of 100 for all pending cases. In other communities your chances rise to over 82 out of a 100 of securing an attorney in recently filed cases, and climb to 98 out of 100 for all pending cases.

These and other findings are based upon very current case-by-case court records that were obtained under the Freedom of information Act and analyzed by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University. Information reflects court records as of the end of May 2017.

Table 1. Communities With Pending Immigration Court Cases by Residence of Individual*
States with: Number
1 or more residents 50
10 or more residents 50
100 or more residents 47
1,000 or more residents 39
Counties with:
1 or more residents 2,507
10 or more residents 1,372
100 or more residents 470
1,000 or more residents 111
Census County Subdivisions with:
1 or more residents 11,894
10 or more residents 3,158
100 or more residents 766
1,000 or more residents 96
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