Life didn’t really begin for Kadhim Albumohammed until he left the refugee camp he’d been in for three years, he said, and got to the United States in the mid ’90s. "I got freedom, really freedom, I’m happy with this," he said. "I say I’m born now. I’m born not in 1953. I’m born in 1994."

Then in 2010, an immigration court judge gave him a final order of deportation. But Iraq wasn’t taking people back. So Albumohammed was allowed to stay in the U.S. as long as he checked in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This year, Iraq agreed to take deportees in order to avoid being included in the latest version of President Trump’s travel ban.

Albumohammed has two
[convictions] for misdemeanor domestic violence offenses. He got them more than 20 years ago and says he hasn’t been in any trouble since.

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