My friend Helen Parsonage is handling the case. He is in good hands.

Via NBC News:

Chicas was detained upon crossing the border in Texas in 1985 and was released on bail, but he never went before the judge assigned to his case; Chicas attributed his absence in court to faulty legal advice. Because of this he received a deportation order for crossing the border illegally.

According to his current attorney Helen Parsonage, Chicas applied for asylum shortly after his arrival and was granted a social security number, yearly work permits and has paid taxes all along.

He subsequently moved to North Carolina where he raised his family. In recent years, Chicas had been placed on an order of supervision and was reporting to immigration yearly and still had a valid work permit.

Chicas and his family say his story is about a man who has turned his life around. He was previously arrested for DUI more than 25 years ago, and faced domestic abuse charges in 1998 involving his current wife.

Chicas said these are reasons for which he is now considered a priority for removal under the Trump administration’s new guidelines

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