has taken a look at the DNC email leak scandal and they uncovered confirmation of what I've have been saying for years: the official policy of the Democrats on the Central American refugee crisis is to ignore Obama's deportation raids, and blame Republicans.


One email thread from this past spring reveals a lot about how mainstream Democrats are spinning the latest round of deportation raids conducted under a Democratic administration. Here is what DNC national communications director Luis Miranda wrote in response to reports that immigration activists would be protesting the DNC:

We’ll also have core talking points for you guys to use generally. Below is what the White House said, some good and some bad. Our points will be smarter but something to be clear about is that reports that there are NEW raids are wrong. This is a continuation of operations announced in January and March. The problem is these groups don’t want to hear this, they want us to send a message to Central Americans to keep paying smugglers and put those kids at risk of abuse and even death. Frankly the rhetoric on this and calls for TPS [Temporary Protective Status] are irresponsible, they send a message that ends up in more lives lost. So we’ll focus our points on how much has already been done to make things better, and that the GOP is standing in the way of real reform. We’re not going to get into a fight on the Central Americans specifically, we’re going to focus on Republican obstruction.

But hey, Clinton's Vice Presidential running mate speaks Spanish.