Via immigration lawyer Bryan Johnson:

At 11 pm this past Friday, the Obama administration filed a trove of documents with U.S. District Court Judge Dolly Gee to defend against allegations that their continued detention of thousands of children has “…consistently violated the Settlement since the summer of 2014 and this Court’s Orders since August 2015…Their conduct is lawless and contemptuous.”

Ironically, the most recent disclosure emphatically shows the Obama administration has nothing but contempt for the Judicial branch. Leon Fresco, Obama’s lead family detention lawyer, claimed that the attorneys for the children “make claims that are inaccurate, misleading, or an attempt to improperly substitute their judgment regarding the operations of ICE family residential centers in place of the judgment of those authorized by Congress to administer these facilities”

Fresco must have had a Freudian slip because the evidence his client submitted proves the only misleading party to the lawsuit is the Obama administration.

This will be the first in several articles that analyzes the Feds’ voluminous evidence dump and shows that the Obama administration is committing an elaborate, systematic fraud on the Court, the Plaintiffs, Congress, and the U.S. public.

To defend allegations regarding Family Detention Centers or Family Residential Centers (FRC) and border patrol holding cells, the DHS submitted 29 exhibits.

Each declaration from ICE addresses distinct subject. This article will address to ICE’s specific allegations regarding the conditions of detention at the Berks County Residential Center.

However, every declaration ICE submitted with respect to family detention centers alleges overlapping facts to defend prolonged detention of families.

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