The Prairieland Detention Center, a 700 bed facility, will be run by the for-profit private prison company Emerald Correctional Management, and is set to be open for operation this November in Alvarado, Texas. I wonder if Emerald Correctional has donated to the Clinton campaign?


The new detention center in Alvarado is located in a relatively small town of 4,000 residents about 40 miles southeast of Dallas. State officials say the estimated $42 million detention center project will generate more than 100 new jobs in Johnson County, according to the local paper Cleburne Times-Review.

Lawyers and advocates for transgender women say they’re concerned immigration attorneys may hesitate to take cases with clients in such a rural area.

“It’s trickier and more complicated for lawyers and advocates to gain access and get notices of folks being released,” said Noyola, of the Transgender Law Center.

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