I've previously written about the curious connection of Democrats to the for-profit private prison industry, and this past week I wrote about the Obama administration "putting teeth" into the immigration law by jailing refugee children.

So let's connect the dots.

From RT.com:

Two of the country’s largest for-profit prison companies reported to shareholders that their earnings have swelled thanks to detention centers holding immigrant families.

The Corrections Corporation of America, the largest private corrections firm in the United States, reported revenue of $447.4 million in the first quarter of 2016, a 5 percent increase from the same quarter a year prior, the company reported in a statement.

“We are pleased with our first quarter financial performance, which exceeded our first quarter guidance…” CCA’s chief executive Damon Hininger said. “Our financial performance was driven primarily by stronger than anticipated demand from our federal partners, most notably Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

The statement went to say that the increase in revenue was “primarily attributable” to a contract at the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas. The facility, which primarily houses women and children from Mexico and Central America, generated about $70.8 million in revenue, compared to only $36 million in the year prior.

GEO Group, another private corrections firm, reported a 19 percent increase in revenues, from, shooting to $510 million in the first quarter of 2016 from $427 million a year before. The company pointed to the 626-bed expansion of the Karnes County Residential center located in Karnes, Texas.

I saw the following post on Facebook yesterday written by a champion of immigrant rights that perfectly crystallizes how I feel about this:

Here's a message to all of the Dems who keep posting that if the apocalypse happens and Trump is elected, it's all the fault of voters who insist on voting for Bernie or refuse to vote for Hillary.
Don't blame Bernie supporters. Blame your own damn party. Blame your own damn selves.

For the past 8 years you have shown the rest of us non-party-worshippers what happens when a Dem is in the White House. When Obama set up detention camps to imprison refugee mothers and children -crickets. When Obama deported more people than any other president - mothers, fathers, hard working heads of families - crickets. When word came out about the atrocious conditions in these family detention camps and with full knowledge that it comes straight from the White House - crickets. When Obama's raids woke sleeping children in the middle of the night with armed ICE officers and threw them in jail cells - crickets.

Don't cry to me about the horrible things Trump would do to immigrants. Obama's already doing it. Not only that - his administration is defending itself right now in two high profile federal cases, one saying that children detained with their mothers have no right to release or basic, humane treatment. His DOJ attorneys are arguing in another that, once they set foot on American soil, immigrants have no due process rights. That argument flies in the face of Supreme Court precedent.

What do you think a Trump would do with a gift like that if the Obama administration prevails?

Obama is paving the way for Trump with golden arrows. And, guess what? If Trump gets elected every single one of you will finally be out there protesting against HIS treatment of immigrants, protesting against HIS drones and war machine, protesting against HIS all-of-the-above-screw-the-environment energy policy, protesting against HIS failure to rein in the big banks.

And I will be asking - where have you been the past 8 years? Too busy shining your Democrat party pins and posting about what a cool president Obama is and didn't he kill it at the Press Correspondent's Dinner? Too busy saying "oh what an economic turnaround" to look in the mirror and ask "what the F?"


I've spent yet another afternoon with traumatized 12 year olds in a hell-hole of Obama's doing to hear one more lecture about how I should vote.

Spare me. Just like you spared Obama.