The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services issued a childcare license to one of Obama's for-profit privately owned deportation internment camps euphemistically called the Karnes County Residential Center. Thankfully, a Judge in Texas isn't having it.


The federal government's controversial immigrant family detention camps in south Texas are back in court.

A Texas state judge has blocked a state agency from licensing the childcare facility inside a mammoth, 2,400-bed private lock-up. The detention facility was opened to temporarily confine undocumented mothers and children who have been surging across the Texas-Mexico border fleeing dangerous conditions in Central America.

Immigrant advocates and detainees have complained bitterly that these family detention facilities are nothing more than prisons with dormitories and soccer fields. The Dept. of Homeland Security contends the secure facilities are family-friendly, and their existence is necessary to put teeth into America's immigration laws.

Where is the liberal outrage?