The Washington Post is complicit in the outright misrepresentation of President Obama's record on deportations. I've been saying for years that Obama isn't focused on deporting serious criminals. While Obama was terrorizing immigrant communities with his near three million deportations he was callously dehumanizing the people he deported by calling them "criminals," "gang bangers," and the worst of the worst.

The statistics consistently reveal the opposite is true, and yet many Democrats continue to remain silent instead choosing to protect the President by advancing White House talking points that Obama has engaged in "smart" immigration enforcement, and that a Republican would be worse. Donald Trump then announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination and calls immigrants rapists and drug dealers and the Left predictably explodes revealing their complete hypocrisy.

You simply can't make this stuff up.

Via Bryan Johnson:

The Washington Post wrote an extraordinarily inaccurate and unbalanced article today covering President Obama’s bestowal of the “Presidential Rank Award” to ICE’s top Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) branch.

Let’s start with the most obvious, where the author asserts the following statement of fact:

Last year, Homan managed the deportation of a record number of illegal immigrants with criminal histories with the help of an expanded fingerprinting system that local police departments share with immigration authorities.

This is false, as one can see from ICE’s own chart provided below and from analysis here.

In FY 2015, Thomas Homan oversaw the removal of 139,369 immigrants with criminal convictions, which is the second lowest during Obama’s tenure as presidency.

ICE removed the following number of criminals each year: FY 2009, 136,331; FY 2010, 196,431; FY 2011, 218,298; FY 2012, 225,416; FY 2013, 217,499; FY 2014, 176,928; and FY 2015, 139,368.

To put it differently if ICE only removed 10 individuals in FY 2015 and 9 of those individuals had criminal convictions, ICE could still claim it removed a record percentage of individuals with criminal convictions. But who cares, right? It’s Obama, he can do no wrong.

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