Anywhere between 70 and 100 immigrant detainees seeking asylum from political violence in the United States were deported back to India, Bangladesh, and Nepal on Sunday night, according to Fahd Ahmed, the executive director of the immigrant advocacy group Desis Rising Up & Moving (DRUM). Ahmed said that the majority of the Bangladeshi detainees are Muslim, and about half of the other deported detainees are Sikh.

Because of their religious and political beliefs, being forced to return to their home countries could mean harsh treatment or even death for some these asylum seekers. Bangladeshis are especially at risk of danger if they’re affiliated with the opposition party. In India, Sikhs are vulnerable to the growing unrest and violence in the Punjab region.

The article quotes Ahmed: “The reality is that the current administration has been implementing those policies already for keeping those immigrants out and setting higher standards for both South Asian immigrants and Muslim immigrants... From our perspective, it’s actually the practice of such policies which set the tone for anti-Muslim or anti-immigrant sentiments to rise. Because it provides a stamp of legitimacy to that sort of bigotry.”

Maybe it is time Democrats stop worrying about what a hypothetical Trump Presidency would look like, and turn their attention to what the Obama administration continues to do to Muslims with impunity.

Wishful thinking.