In response to Judge Jack. H. Weil's claim that toddlers are capable of learning how to represent themselves in a deportation proceeding, immigration lawyer Amy Maldonado created a YouTube page with a collection of videos showing exactly what it looks like when a three-year-old plays lawyer, and hilarity ensues.

From the Description:

Immigration Judge Jack Weil stated in sworn testimony that three and four-year-old immigrant children (who don't speak English) can learn immigration law well enough to represent themselves against trained ICE trial attorneys/prosecutors, as reported by the Washington Post.

In response, immigration lawyer moms, dads, uncles and grandparents around the country have done mock immigration court hearings with their three and four year old kids. Here are the adorable video results, to emphasize the truly terrible plight of unrepresented toddlers in immigration court who are expected to proceed without a lawyer or advocate.