Tali Lopez wants a happy ending to her “fairy tale” story.

But six months after marrying an old friend and settling in her native Buffalo, Lopez is fighting for her new husband.

Omar Lopez, a citizen of Spain visiting here on a visa waiver, was arrested after a traffic stop last month and has been held at the Federal Detention Center in Batavia ever since.

Lopez is battling her husband’s deportation – he could be forced to leave at any time – and plans to host a public rally at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Niagara Square to solicit support for him.

Friends and family say Lopez’s deportation is an overreaction to a relatively minor infraction. He overstayed his visa waiver by several months.

Even worse, they say, the government’s prosecution is tearing apart a family with deep roots in Buffalo. The family includes his infant stepdaughter, Mila, whom he plans to adopt, and dozens of relatives.

Buffalo ICE’s field office director Michael T. Phillips made the decision to deport Mr. Lopez rather than allowing him to apply for his Green Card. ICE's official response: "As a visa overstay, his case is a priority under the agency’s current enforcement strategy, which focuses on individuals who have abused the visa or visa waiver programs. ” ICE spokesman Khaalid Walls.

Felons not families and all.