The American Immigration Council sifted through 809 complaints of alleged abuse lodged against Border Patrol agents between January 2009 and January 2012. They found that there is virtually no accountability for criminal acts allegedly perpetrated by agents of the Obama administration, which include physical, sexual, and verbal abuse. In 97% of the cases where abuse has been alleged no action has been taken. The report details a longstanding pattern of abuse and inaction, coupled with a lack of transparency and accountability.

From the report:

For years it has been reported that U.S. Border Patrol agents routinely ignore the constitutional and other legal rights of both immigrants and U.S. citizens. More precisely, agents of the Border Patrol are known for regularly overstepping the boundaries of their authority by using excessive force, engaging in unlawful searches and seizures, making racially motivated arrests, detaining people under inhumane conditions, and removing people from the United States through the use of coercion and misinformation. A 2013 report, for instance, shows that physical and verbal mistreatment of migrants while in U.S. custody is not a random occurrence, but rather a systemic problem. And while this issue currently may be getting more public attention, the use of force by Border Patrol agents against the immigrants they apprehend is hardly a new phenomenon.

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