The Police State comes to the Denver Immigration Court TODAY, April 16, 2014. Federal Protective Services (FPS) will subject EVERY individual entering the Byron G. Rogers Federal Building at 1961 Stout Street to a National Crime Information Center (NCIC) background check. This includes attorneys, Respondents, witnesses, EVERYONE entering the Court building.

This is all part of "Operation Shield" euphemistically described as "a comprehensive operation that combines physical security expertise and law enforcement authority into an enhanced security team to provide a visual deterrent at FPS-protected facilities." The "goal" of Operation Shield is to demonstrate the "preparedness and agility of FPS’ response to the current threat environment within federal community" by reducing "social and physical disorder" that will "enhance the quality of life for employees, visitors, and community members."

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to find out more about how the Federal Government is "enhancing your quality of life" by doing a comprehensive background check on you for the singular reason that you walked into a Federal office building.