The Petition

Dear President Obama, Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, and Rep. Becerra:

I write to ask for the immediate release of Silvia Castillo (A#075-948-820). Silvia presented herself, along with her four United States Citizen children (16, 15, 11 and 6), on March 16, 2014, requesting humanitarian parole, and asylum. Silvia is currently detained at the San Luis Detention Center, in Arizona. Silvia’s children have been taken from her, and sent to foster care.

Silvia’s family fled from Mexico because life is not safe for them there. Silvia has always considered herself an out-spoken mother, and that didn’t stop in Mexico. Silvia has protested the government’s treatment of her people for years now, she’s gone to events with posters and signs, all things frowned upon by organized crime who controls the area in which Silvia and her family lived. Silvia’s story is the story reflected in many seeking refuge in this country.

Child Protective Services is ONLY supposed to get involved when it is clear a parent has been negligent, or when a child has been abused. In this instance, neither of Silvia’s four children were abused, nor is Silvia a negligent parent.Yet, despite all of this, ICE is working with California CPS to take Silvia away from her children. On March 24, 2014, CPS contacted Silvia to let her know they were taking her four kids away from her, because she is an absent mother. The only reason Silvia is absent is because ICE is refusing to release her, so that she can take custody of her children.

I write to ask for the immediate release of Silvia Castillo, further, I ask that immediate action be taken so that Silvia’s four children are not separated from their mother. This is a clear instance of an abuse of power, CPS should never have been involved. Looking at Silvia’s case, it is clear that ICE knows the abuse she is fleeing, and that the right would have been to Parole Silvia, and her kids, when they presented themselves on March 16th.

I am very concerned that Silvia is losing her kids. Silvia had no choice but to flee Mexico, for the safety of her kids, and now, in America, her biggest fear is being realized, she’s losing her kids. This is an injustice, I ask that you stop it, and bring this family home!

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You may also call Rep. Juan Vargas:

1. In D.C. @ 202-225-8045, &
2. In San Diego @ 619-422-5963

Sample script:

"Hi, I was calling to find out what your office was doing to help the families that presented themselves last week? These families are being abused by ICE, and now it seems also Child Protective Services.

Silvia Castillo fled violence in Mexico, she did it for her children, and now her kids are being sent to foster care. Will the member stand up for Silvia, and her four kids?"