The Immigration Policy Center has issued the following press release relating to two fact sheets that highlight the aggressive expansion of immigration enforcement since 1996, and expose the lie that the Obama administration is focused on deporting serious criminals illustrating that most immigrants detained by ICE in 2013 were a threat to no one. They explain that "ICE’s own statistics make clear, the agency is involved primarily in the apprehension and deportation of people who have committed immigration violations and minor crimes—not terrorist operatives or violent criminals."

Here is the release:

For Immediate Release.

March 10, 2014

Washington D.C. -
Today, the Immigration Policy Center releases two publications. One highlights the programs and policies that have vastly expanded U.S. deportations over the past two decades. The second dissects the removal numbers from Fiscal Year 2013 and puts them into context.

The first fact sheet, The Growth of the U.S. Deportation Machine, shows how the U.S. has rapidly expanded enforcement programs since 1996—programs that now run on auto-pilot and are removing noncitizens at a record pace.

The second fact sheet, Misplaced Priorities, shows how, despite the Administration’s claims that they are deporting the most dangerous, high-priority individuals, the system does in fact focus primarily on immigrants with low-level or no criminal histories at all.

Taken together, these two publications clearly illustrate the federal government’s enforcement-first approach to immigration control. The end result has been a relentless campaign of imprisonment and expulsion not of terrorist operatives or violent criminals, but noncitizens who have committed immigration violations and minor crimes. While this campaign precedes the Obama administration by many years, it has grown immensely during his tenure in the White House.

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