Immigration Judge John Gossart Jr. just wrote a blog on setting forth a compelling argument for immigration reform. Judge Gossart sits on the U.S. Immigration Court in Baltimore.

He writes:

In my thirty-one years as a United States immigration judge, I have never had as many people come through my courtroom as I have over the last six years. During this time, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of non-citizens that the United States detains and deports, and the detained number of individuals appearing in immigration courts today is unprecedented. The [Obama] administration has indisputably increased immigration enforcement in communities across the country, partnering with local law enforcement to pursue an aggressive deportation program that has resulted in nearly 2 million deportations in the last six years.

No sugarcoating there.

Judge Gossart spells out the problem explaining that the current immigration law signed by President Clinton in many instances strips immigration judges of discretionary authority to consider the facts of each case that would allow them to stop deportations for deserving individuals. This coupled with President Obama's unprecedented enforcement has resulted in 2 million deportations and a backlog of 360,000+ pending cases that has ballooned average completion times to 573 days.

In sum, the law signed by the last Democrat in the White House is being used by the current Democrat in the White House to destroy more families with deportation than at any time in history.

With friends like these...

Click here to read the full article. It is very much worth your time.