I just received the following email from the National Day Laborer Organization Network:


It's 2014 and President Obama hasn't stopped deportations yet so communities across the country are doing whatever we have to in order to stop them ourselves.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Right now, people in Austin, TX have locked themselves together to block the entrance of the Travis County jail
that turns over an average of 19 people each week to ICE to be deported.

They've launched a campaign for the Sheriff to follow the example of Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco and other places that have passed policies refusing to submit to ICE's hold requests.

Last week the Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition met with the Sheriff to ask for a review of and a halt to deportations in the County that he rejected. Now they're back to demand it.

Watch the action live here

With the President admitting that stopping deportations is an option and with multiple local examples of how rejecting ICE's hold makes for better policy and stronger communities, actions like this shouldn't still be necessary. But until they get the message, it will only get louder.

Not. One. More!