I saw the following anonymous comment posted in response to a blog about deportations and immigration enforcement and was compelled to republish it here. It perfectly crystallizes the human toll that the last 5 years have had on United States citizens with relatives that have been deported by the Obama administration.

"You are so worried they are doing nothing! They do enforce and they do deport no matter what the family member wants. The police even laughed when they arrested my husband and told me he would be released after i paid a fine, they said to wait and I did for 4 1/2 hours while they kept looking at me knowing darn well they weren't going to release him.

Its a game to them. They make them criminals for doing what any family man would do get back to his family. I contacted everyone from the President to the Judge , Senators Congressman, Pro immigrant groups and lots more.

Whats so weird they all told me they had no power to do anything, most just ignored me. My husband crime was coming back here to take care of me and he would have come back this time but the President gave many of us false hope all the talk about personal discretion yada yada yada and I asked him to wait to see if we could do this the right way-he asked me several times said it was getting worse over there-If i would have brought him back illegally he would still be alive!

I begged since 2010- well they deported him again in Dec 2012 to one of the most violent countries of the world and Saturday Dec 15, 2013 he was murdered and I am left trying to go on without him I am 55 years old and disabled.

To you people he is just one more to me he was my life, my hope, my future. I cant close my eyes without seeing him, I cry all the time. But I don't matter either after all he was just a immigrant to you. He was the kindest, caring- the finest man I have ever know. He is not replaceable.

I should have had more say in his deportation, he should have been allowed to stay here while processing his paperwork, to this day there has been no action on his paperwork. I had to barrow to get the money to pay the lawyer and forms. I have lost respect for our system when you make laws knowing they are not going to work to criminalize a otherwise normal person just lacking authorization setting them up to fail and making them felons is so wrong! So I well pay for it the rest of my life.

The pain I feel is real it is devastating he should have been offered amnesty but they just wanted to deport. All his life he lived in fear And violence he lived in the streets from the time he was 9 his stepfather came close to killing him twice, his uncle electrocuted his legs for punishment and burned his skin to the bone, he saw a man decapitated right in front of him and so much more . He didn't deserve to be sent back to die I wrote ICE , John Morton and it seems no one has authority to do anything he was robbed his 1st or second month back in his country and I wrote them all again.

Well none of this is important to anyone but me but if it did affect them they would have done something. I have nothing left but memories at least they can not destroy those but I hope they make a change so more like me don't have their lives taken away and spend the rest of their days suffering for the loss of their partner or child."

To the anonymous author of this comment, rest assured your story is important to me.

To those in our community that provide cover for the administration that has destroyed more families through deportation than at any time in history, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror. This isn't about politics. It is about children losing parents, and husbands losing wives.

Well here is the reality check: it was President Obama's administration that deported this woman's husband to a death sentence, and no seldom used prosecutorial discretion memo will ever bring him back to her. If I sound outraged, you would be correct. I've grown weary of the endless stories of loved ones being shackled in the middle of the night as children cry helplessly, unable to comprehend that daddy is never coming home again.

Hopefully, in 2014 things will finally "Change" so I can use this forum to do something other than on a near daily basis expose the President's lies about his deportation record. I know it has grown tiresome to some, but to me speaking the truth is more important than receiving an invite to the White House Holiday party.

Just sayin'