From David Bennion's Facebook page:

ICE has denied parole for Erika and Nallely despite their approval for credible fear 20 and 9 days ago, respectively. This is directly contrary to ICE's policy directive of December 8, 2009, and inconsistent with established ICE practice for parole of individuals found to have a credible fear of persecution. ICE wants to push Erika and Nallely through expedited removal proceedings under difficult circumstances--I am representing them pro bono from the other side of the country--in order to deport them as soon as possible. ICE believes they can get away with this because the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has abandoned Erika, Nallely, and the rest of the Dream 30. If they are deported, it will be on the shoulders of Reps. Gutierrez and Hinojosa and the other members of Congress who stood by and watched it happen. This is a clear abuse of discretion of the kind that is unfortunately all too common under the Obama administration.