Unfortunately, DREAM 30 member Rocío Hernández Pérez was deported today despite desperate attempts by advocates to stop her deportation.

DREAM 30 Lawyer David Bennion gives us the following update on the DREAM 30.

From David Bennion:

34 entered on Sept. 30, all were detained, one released that night on parole, 7 parents and minors paroled the next day for "significant public benefit." 1 UAC minor was later released for possible SIJS, the 25 others are the classic "dreamers" and all have gone or are going through the credible fear process. 12 were reinterviewed by the asylum office after the initial interview because, as the asylum office told me, these are high profile cases. 16 were approved by the asylum office, 9 denied. That is a 36% denial rate, far higher than the national average of 9% in FY2013, especially considering all are fluent in English and were represented by counsel, and none had negative credibility findings. 1 denial was overturned on review by the IJ, and Rocio was deported this morning after the IJ confirmed the asylum office's denial of credible fear. She's from Veracruz, where the Zetas already kidnapped her aunt and uncle.

The other 7 denied cases are awaiting review by the IJ, but I am not optimistic. The 17 approved cases have been held nearly a week after approval, with no explanation why they haven't yet been paroled per ICE policy. Several went on hunger strike over the weekend. Yesterday, ICE took them to the hospital and requested a court order to force feed them. The doctors said there was no medical justification for that at this stage. The clear message from DHS is: don't try this again. We don't care if you were once a Dreamer, once you set foot outside the U.S., it's as though you were never here. Actually worse, b/c now you have ULP bar and presumed immigrant intent, so good luck coming back.

I will keep you posted as new information becomes available.