The New York Times is now covering the story.

From Julia Preston’s article:

“The protest was a tactical escalation by some young immigrants, who call themselves Dreamers, to draw attention to what they said were inconsistencies by the administration, which has continued a fast pace of deportations even while President Obama is pressing Congress to pass legislation that would offer a path to citizenship to unauthorized immigrants.”

Friend and immigration reform activist Prerna P. Lal summed it up nicely: "The activists are not protesting the KIDS Act or advocating for CIR. They are protesting the 1.7 million deportations under Obama and requesting that everyone should be brought back home. Because they deserve to be home."

Mohammed Abdollahi, fighting at the tip of the spear as leader of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, astutely observed that there is no justifiable reason for the administration to detain these kids. He explained that “They’re not high priority, they’re not a flight risk, in fact they’re actually fighting to stay in the country.”

...and he is correct.

I’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.