I just received the following email notification from United We Dream organizer Reyna Montoya:

Just now, four United We Dream leaders were arrested outside an ICE facility in Phoenix!

These courageous leaders-- Maria Castro, Alejandra Sanchez, Francisco Luna, and Yadira Garcia, the United 4-- engaged in civil disobedience to protest outrageous deportations that tear our families apart and to call on Congress and the Obama Administration to act.

Right now, they need you to call to get them released. Call 602-379-3235 (press 2, press 3 and leave a message):

"I am calling to ask for the immediate release of Alejandra Sanchez, Yadira Garcia, Maria Castro and Francisco Luna: the four people who are currently being detained for standing against senseless deportations and family separations. They are heroes for our community and should be released to continue to advocate for the rights of all American families.”

We have been in front of the ICE facility in downtown Phoenix for the past two days, highlighting the stories of families in deportation like Ardany and Teresa, and calling on Congress and the White House to stop family separations and pass real immigration reform.

After marching around the ICE office, the United 4 chained themselves to the gate to protest deportations and shut down ICE operations. Their actions were bold and courageous and now, they need our help to make sure they are able to return to their families. Together, we can shine a spotlight on the moral crisis in our nation and the need for our political leaders to act now.

Call for their release now: 602-379-3235 (press 2, press 3 and leave a message):

For ALL 11 million,

Reyna Montoya
United We Dream