On October 15, shortly before a Democratic presidential debate in which the candidates paid very little attention to Donald Trump's agenda of persecution directed against both legal and unauthorized immigrants, and the existential threat that this presents to our democracy, 18 courageous faith and human rights leaders were arrested in Washington in a peaceful protest against Trump's cut in annual refugee admissions to the unspeakably low level of 18,000 in 2020. This compares with the with 95,000 annual admissions level which has been normal under previous administrations.

Stephen Miller, Trump's Torquemada and Grand Inquisitor against brown immigrants, had reportedly advocated cutting the admissions quota to zero.

The drastic refugee admissions cut is only one part of a wide ranging Trump regime war against nonwhite legal immigrants in every category, ranging from less affluent or educated diversity and family based immigrants in from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America to high skilled IT professionals from Asia.

The steep Trump-Miller refugee admissions cut also highlight the fact that persecution and exclusion of refugees was typical of 20th century fascist regimes. It also recalls one of the darkest times in all of Us immigration history - America's refusal to accept more than a small handful of Jews trying to escape from Germany in the 1930's, many of whom later died in the concentration and extermination camps of Europe during World War 2.

Among the leaders arrested was Margaret Huang, Executive Director of Amnesty International, who issued the following statement:

"Today we are sending a strong message to the administration that the country we want to live in is one where we take care of people who need safety and we are not afraid to be silenced."

Sarnata Reynolds, immigration hub's director of policy, stated:

"Trump's nonstop action to dismantle the refugee program is motivated by by racism, contempt, and an utter disregard for American values."

For moreon theprotest, including statement by other protest leaders, see Common Dreams, October 15:

Human Rights Leaders Arrested at US Capitol Protesting 'Cruel' Trump Plan to Slash Refugee Cap.


See also,Amnesty USA, October 15:


Trump's shameful, demagogic attack on legal refugees, among the most vulnerable and endangered of all immigrants seeking safety to the United States in full compliance with our laws, not only goes against America's most fundamental values, but it also imperils our democracy.

Turning away refugees and regarding them as "the other", who do not belong in a country's society, his typical of fascist regimes, as 20th history shows.

Santiago Zabala, a philosophy professor at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, writes:

"Almost a century ago, classical fascism abandoned democratic liberties in order to pursue internal cleansing and external expansion without ethical or legal restraints...[Fascist leaders] set themselves in opposition to a series of 'others' that were not only ideological (liberals and communists) but ethnic (Jews, Roma and other minorities).

Although US president Donald Trump, as well as the European parties, gathered under the Identity and Democracy umbrella, [they] evince these traits in their rhetoric and when they can, in their actions; their use of fascist techniques to stimulate their base and erode liberal democratic institutions [is] similar but not identical to those used by fascist dictators of the 1030's and 30's.

...fascism today aims to transform democratic systems from within."

See, Common Dreams, July 22:

Trump's Brand of Fascism Is Distinct But No Less Dangerous Than Last Century's Fascism


Trump's war on refugees and nonwhite legal immigrants in general, together with his cruelty, egregious human rights violations and campaign of terror toward what he himself has claimed to be "millions" of immigrants without legal status whom he has vowed to deport, can best be understood as part of his agenda of moving America toward fascism.

It can only be understood in that light.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law