October 11, 2019 should go down in America's immigration history as a day of celebration and relief that one of the most bigoted and overtly racist policies that any US administration has attempted to impose on immigrants in the past almost 100 years, ever since the infamous "Nordics"-only national origins immigration act of 1924 was enacted, was blocked (at least temporarily) by no less than three separate federal district court judges - in the states of New York, Washington and California.

I refer, of course to the Trump-Miller Public Charge rule, which after two years of pushing and prodding by Stephen Miller, Trump's in-house anti-immigrant Torquemada and Svengali, was finally announced this past August, and was scheduled to go into effect on October 15.

The new rule was rammed through without any input from Congress and included a hugely expanded definition of "Public Charge" far beyond anything that Congress ever intended in this terms' long history. The Trump-Miller rule would have taken America a long way back toward reinstating the infamous whites only immigration act of 1924.

See, Common Dreams, October 11:

Federal Court Strikes Down Trump's 'Racist Wealth Test' Designed to Punish Low-Income Immigrants


But the three separate injunctions that were issued on October 11 (only two of which were nationwide in scope), are only temporary. One can be sure that Trump will fight as hard as he can to reinstate this bigoted rule - going all the way to the US Supreme Court which has already upheld his overtly racist Muslim Ban and "Remain in Mexico" policies if necessary.

Only impeachment can put a permanent end to Trump's agenda of anti-immigrant racism and hate before a 2020 election which may be even less free from foreign interference than the 2016 one was. Fueled by Trump's anti-immigrant racism, a skewed 2020 election could lead to a full-blown fascist dictatorship in the US if Trump is not first impeached and removed from office by Americans who still care about our human rights based, racially equal immigration system - and our democracy.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law