Update, October 13, 10:10 a.m.

See the October 12 Washington Post Editorial:

Trump says immigrants are unwelcome in Minnesota. What's unwelcome is his bigotry

Trump's despicable, racist attacks on vulnerable refugees, who are legal immigrants, but whom he is now barring from the Unites States entirely except for a tiny trickle, by cutting the annual admission quota almost to zero (only 18,000 in 2020 - the lowest number in decades) show the falsity of the claim by his supporters that Trump is only "enforcing the laws" against "illegal" immigrants.

The same is true of Trump's much wider and even more dangerous and unconscionable attempt to rewrite America's legal; immigration system without Congressional approval. Trump and Miller are attempting to do this by ramming through a complex and intimidating set of hugely expanded Public Charge rules that go far beyond any previous definitions of this term and are meant to put a virtual end to family and diversity immigration from outside Europe.

This bigoted new rule has now been temporarily blocked by the courts. See below

Update: October 12, 3:32 pm:

On the afternoon of October 11, America, at least temporarily, dodged a bullet which would have dealt a devastating, if not mortal, blow, to the racially non-discriminatory legal immigration system that America has had for the past more than half a century, since 1965, and would have taken the nation back on the road toward the openly racist, white supremacist "national origins immigration system that was enacted in 1924.

Three separate federal district court judges, in New York, California and Washington, issued preliminary injunctions blocking the overtly bigoted Trump-Miller Public Charge rule, which as expressly designed to make it difficult or impossible for nonwhite mainly family and diversity based immigrants from countries outside affluent Europe to receive visas or green cards, from going into effect.

Stay tuned for more details about these history decisions, which though only temporary, could signal the beginning of the end for the agenda of hate against both legal and irregular nonwhite immigrants that Trump, aided by his immigration Svengali or Torquemada, Stephen Miller, has imposed on America from the very first week that he took office as president.

See, POLITICO, October 11:


My earlier comments follow below.

At an October 10 rally in Minneapolis that drew thousands of protesters outside the stadium, Trump, in a not surprising attempt to use the anti-immigrant racism that has been the hallmark of his entire presidency to stave off impeachment, launched a vicious attack on the entire Somali refugee community. While the crowd jeered at them, the president unleashed a tirade of hate against Somali refugees as follows, according to the Washington Post:

"As you know, for many years in Washington brought large numbers of refugees to your state from Somalia without considering the impact on schools and communities and taxpayers.,,You should have the right to decide what is best for your own cities and your own neighborhoods..."


But this racist rant was only one aspect of a policy of using hatred against nonwhite immigrants to gain power which has been the centerpiece of Trump's campaign and presidency from the moment that he started attacking Mexican immigrants as "criminals", "rapists" and "drug dealers" in June 2015 up to now.

And on Tuesday, October 15, unless blocked by a federal court injunction at the very last moment, the largest expression of Trump's hatred against brown immigrants to date, known as the Public Charge rule will take effect, This will be the first time in almost 100 years, since 1924, that a legal measure overtly restricting immigration by race and skin color will become the law of the land in the United States of America.

The new Trump-Miller Public Charge rule, which Miller himself has been quoted as stating is meant to be "socially transformative" - i.e. white supremacist is designed to, and almost certainly will, have a huge impact on nonwhite immigration. It will limit legal visas and green cards to immigrants form wealthy, mainly European, countries who can show that they have enough money to be able to avoid using any public benefits.

With a definition of "Public Charge" that goes far beyond anything previously known, even in this doctrine's long history of being used as a tool of bigotry against unpopular immigrants of any given era in US history, the new rule is certain to go a long way of accomplishing Trump's goal of eliminating the two major vehicles of non-European immigration over the past few decades - family immigration and the diversity visa.

When the Trump's latest executive order barring immigrants who cannot afford expensive private health insurance from coming to the US laos goes into effect on November 3 the Trump-Miller regime's coup in overturning the racially equal 1965 immigration law which outlawed discrimination against non-European immigrants, without the consent of Congress, will be almost complete.

So what are the courts doing to block the Trump -Miller putsch against nonwhite immigration form going into effect momentarily? Not very much, as reported by PBS on October 8. According to this report, this not because of any lack of lawsuits challenging the bigoted Pubic Charge Rule. See:

Lawsuits around U.S. seek to block Trump's public charge rule


But except for one courageous federal district court judge in Manhattan, George B. Daniels, who has spoken out in opposition to the new rule in court but has had not yet ruled on a motion for a preliminary injunction against it (as of this writing) nothing has happened to block the biggest reversion to racism a America's official policy toward legal immigration in almost a century.

Have the courts, which were so quick in shooting down Trump;s initial versions of his Muslim Ban order in 2017, developed immigrant rights protection fatigue?

And why are the Democrats, who have moved so quickly on investigating Trump's phone calls to foreign leaders for impeachment, done nothing to investigate his much more serious agenda of hatred, exclusion, expulsion, cruelty and human rights violations against brown immigrants as grounds for impeachment?

This comment will be updated if the federal courts finally decide to take any action against the Trump-Miller Public Charge rule.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law