In an appalling example of racism, hypocrisy and injustice, the Trump administration is reportedly sending asylum seekers at the IS border to wait for their court hearings in Mexican towns that are so dangerous that the same administration is warning American citizens not to go to those places. The Guardian reports as follows on October 10:

"The United States has sent more than 51,000 asylum-seekers to wait in dangerous border towns in Mexico as it advises its own citizens not to travel to those regions because of the severe threat of kidnapping, murder and violent crime."

The report continues:

"Advocates have been warning about the dangers of Remain in Mexico...since the program was announced in January. But their warnings have grown louder this week after a new report by Human Rights First revealed that there were at least 340 reports of rape, kidnapping, torture and other violent attacks against people returned to Mexico while they wait for their case to be heard in U.S. immigration court."

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law