Update, October 10:

vox.com reports on October 9 that Trump's new executive order banning immigrants who cannot afford to buy expensive private health insurance will bar up to an estimated 375,000 family-based legal immigrants annually from coming to the United States, according to the non-partisan Migration Policy Institute. See:

Trump just quietly cut legal immigration by up to 65%.


As the above report points out, this proclamation is part of Trump's and Miller's efforts to eliminate most family-based legal immigration, which for the past more than half century has enabled many millions of immigrants to come to the US legally from every part of the world, not only white Europe.

This attempt to use INA Section 212(f), which was only intended by Congress to give the president power to deal with genuine threats to the US, not to remake this nation's racial composition, is an yet another authoritarian attempt to bypass Congress and rewrite America's immigration laws by presidential degree - in violation of immigrants' legal and internationally recognized human rights to freedom from discrimination and equal protection of the law.

This latest drastic attempt to change America's demographics in favor of white supremacy by presidential degree is another step toward fascism which also merits an impeachment investigation.

Will the Democrats carry out their responsibility to protect America's values of democracy and human rights for all regardless of race, color or national origin, by adding the Trump-Miller Public Charge rule and health insurance ban order to their impeachment investigation agenda, along with a long list of other racist anti-immigrant actions by this administration which also cry out for impeachment, or will they continue to bury their heads in the sand or look the other way - toward Ukraine, China, Australia or wherever?

My earlier comment follows below.

At a time when America's democracy is in grave danger from Donald Trump's imperial "L'etat c'est moi " attempt to stonewall the Congressional impeachment inquiry by refusing to turn over documents or allow witnesses to testify, it is more imperative than ever before to understand the meaning of Trump's agenda of taking one-man control of America's entire immigration system.

Beginning with his first few days in office when he handed down the original version of the Muslim Ban executive order in direct contempt of the Constitution's guarantees of religious freedom and equal protection of the law, Trump's entire agenda has been aimed at setting himself up as a dictator over America's immigration system and using this as a blueprint for dictatorship over every other aspect of American government and society.

Trump and Miller's revival of and drastic 837-page expansion of the infamous Public Charge grounds of exclusion (with its, bigoted history going back almost 200 years) was carried out entirely by regulation with zero Congressional input. This rule, which is set to go into effect on October 15 unless blocked by a federal judge in New York, is the biggest rewrite of America's immigration laws in more than half a century.- ever since the civil rights era 1965 immigration reform act ended four decades of blatant, overt, racial discrimination in legal immigration.

Authored entirely by one man, Stephen Miller, and promulgated by ignoring more than 200,000 mainly opposing public comments, the new rule would take America back to the dark days of the "Nordics-only" 1924 "national origins" immigration act which barred all Asian, African, and Middle Eastern immigrants, as well as most Jewish, Southern and Eastern European ones, from America on overtly racial grounds.

And as if blatant exercise in dictatorship were not enough to satisfy Trump's craving for absolute power, this bigoted public charge rule, which is obviously designed to impact immigrants from nonwhite, less affluent, countries and to favor those from affluent white Europe, has now been followed up by a new, authoritarian, INA Section 212(f) executive decree barring immigrants who cannot afford expensive private health insurance.

One example of the way in which Trump is using dictatorial control of the immigration apparatus to extinguish the freedoms and human rights of all Americans is his attack on the free speech rights of both foreign and US journalists seeking to enter or return to the US. See, The Intercept, October 8:

Harassing Journalists is the Norm for the CBP Under Trump


Ti mention only two such incidents, the above story reports as follows:

"Buzzfeed News reported earlier this year that a CBP agent at JFK Airport in New Yorkquestioned an Australian Buzzfeed journalist about the news organization's coverage of Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. In August, a British journalist arriving in Los Angeles was accused by a CBP agent of being part of the 'fake news media'. James Dyer, the British journalist, tweeted that the agent 'wanted to know if I'd ever worked for CNN or MSNBC or other outlets that are spreading lies to the American people. He aggressively told me that journalists are liars who are attacking their democracy."

And it is not onlyAmerica's First Amendment rights that are under attack from Trump's immigration dictatorship. Statutory and and Constitutional Protection against torture and other cruel and unusual and unusual treatment is also on Trump's chopping block, using horrendous cruelty toward immigrants as a template.

As an example, The Guardian columnist Rebecca Solnit describes how opposition by some of his his officials to Trump's sadistic suggestion that border agents shoot immigrants in the legs to slow down their entry to the US let to a wholesale purge of immigration officials by Trump [and Miller], See,

President Trump is at war with the rule of law. This won't end well.


I will give more examples of the way in which Trump's dictatorship over the American immigration system is leading to dictatorship and the downfall of democracy in all aspects of American government and society in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Now that the overly cautious, hesitant Democratic leadership in Congress has finally managed to muster enough courage to investigate Trump's alleged attempts to browbeat one or more foreign governments into helping him tip the scales of American elections, it is time for the House to investigate the even more serious issue of the many ways in which Trump's, authoritarian attempts to bring back white supremacy in immigration - exemplified by his Public Charge rule and latest immigrant health insurance executive order - are destroying our democracy.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law