On October 4, only 11 days before the bigoted new Trump-Miller Public Charge regulation aimed at drastically reducing legal immigration from outside affluent European countries is due to take effect, Trump issued a new INA 212(f) proclamation that will bar most family sponsored and other immigrants from entering the US with valid visas unless they can show that they have purchased or can afford to purchase medical insurance. This is the latest sickening episode in the Trump-Miller agenda of barring nonwhite immigrants from the United States.

This is the latest move in the Trump regime's efforts to bypass Congress and spread the disease of racism throughout America's entire immigration system by executive diktat. It deserves to be high on the list of grounds for impeachment - if the Democratic leadership can muster the courage to take Trump on over the real issues facing America today - his attempts to dismantle a half century of racial equality in immigration and to destroy our democracy in the process.

This latest racist Trump-Miller move drew immediate condemnation form immigrant advocacy and human rights organizations.

See: Common Dreams, October 5:

Another 'Economic and Racist Attack' as Trump Moves to Bar Immigrants Who Can't Afford Costly Private Health Insurance


The above report includes a direct link to the presidential proclamation.

The following are among the comments quoted in the above report. Larry Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation, states:

"While lawful immigrants qualify for ACA subsidies, they'll be stuck in a catch 22 because subsidized insurance does not qualify as insurance under the proclamation."

And the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) also according to the above article, accused Trump of lashing out at immigrants:

"...to distract from his scandals..This latest attack on immigrants is not good for hospitals, it's not good for patients, an it's not good for the health and well-being o communities across the country."

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro stated:

"Donald Trump is panicking, and using cruel attacks on immigrants to distract an sow fear.

Immigrants contribute more to this country than Donald Trump or Stephen Miller ever could.- and their hate won't stop us from speaking out in defense of immigrants."

As I will show in my next comment on this topic,demonizing and persecuting targeted "outsiders" or "others" is an essential hallmark of Fascist regimes, according to professor Henry A, Giroux of McMaster University (Ontario), a leading expert on fascism. Trump and Miller's attempt to brown immigrants for all the problems of America, in this case, rising health care costs (which Trump and his party are bringing about themselves by trying to undo the ACA).

The fact that Trump is using INA Section 212(f) to rewrite a have century of non-discriminatory US immigration law to use as a weapon against nonwhite legal immigrants without going through Congress as required by our Constitution is also a dangerous sign of coming fascism in America - something that began with the Supreme Court's disastrous and authoritarian ruling upholding Trump's Muslim ban executive order -which was also a fascist attempt to evade the religious freedom and equal protection guarantees of the Constitution.

We are now seeing the dire consequences of the High Court's Muslim Ban decision. Meanwhile, the House Democratic leadership is silent about the mortal threat to our democracy inherent in the Trump -Miller attempt to rewrite America's immigration laws by issuing racist executive orders. Instead, driven by perceived political expedience rather than by the duty to defend America's most fundamental moral and human rights values of racial equality, democracy and the rule of law, the House is directing its impeachment machinery elsewhere.

The House Democratic leaders need to refocus their impeachment efforts, and to do so in a hurry, before it is too late to save our legal immigration ssytem - and our democracy.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law