As more and more headlines continue to appear about the growing impeachments investigations into Trump's dealings with Ukraine and perhaps other alleged attempts to skew the 2020 election be asking foreign leaders to help in gathering dirt on political opponents, Democratic leaders should be asking themselves a very serious question:

Are the democratic leaders overlooking the most glaring and compelling grounds for impeachment of all - Trump and Miller's attempts to overturn the racially equal immigration system that America has had since the landmark civil rights era immigration act of 1965 and to return to the white supremacist immigration system that was in effect for the previous four decades beginning in 1924?

Certainly alleged election dirty tricks are worthy of scrutiny - but when has America ever had a presidential election that was free of dirty tricks and attempts to smear opponents? Certainly not in my lifetime - and I have been following;presidential elections pretty carefully ever since the Roosevelt-Dewey election of 1944 when I was a small child, or when I attended a rally for Harry S, Truman four years later in 1948.

Engaging in election dirty tricks is certainly reprehensible - especially if a foreign government is in involved. But embracing white nationalist racism as official US government policy is far more dangerous and destructive of our democracy. The Trump-Miller white nationalist agenda affects no only who can be n immigrant, but who can be an American.

Just as Trump's first term has been devoted to developing myriad ways of limiting immigration to people with white skin color- or in Trump's words, people from: "Countries like Norway", if Trump gains a second term we can be certain that his attack will be focused on overturning the Constitutional protection of birthright US citizenship and taking America back to the days of Dred Scott when only white people could be considered as real Americans.

The current impeachment investigations are based on the principle of keeping our elections free of foreign interference, But Congress also needs to stop America from heading down a road in which only white people will be considered American citizens at all. This can only be done through impeachment. investigations involving the entire Trump-Miller white supremacist immigration agenda.

No one paid much attention to Representative Al Green (D-Texas) when he called for Trump's impeachment based in the president's racist agenda in July, but Green was right on point. See, The Hill, July 17:

Trump's racist abuses demand impeachment

Nor might many people be aware that President Andrew Johnson was impeached and came very close to being removed because of his racism, as political science Professor Emeritus Peter Irons ( US San Diego) describes in his article:

Trump's racism is an impeachable offense. The precedent of Andrew Johnson proves it.

I will discuss both of these articles further in a forthcoming comment.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law