While the House of Representatives is busy with impeachment investigations stemming from Donald Trump's phone call to the president of Ukraine, Congress also urgently needs to investigate allegations of appalling cruelty and sadism that the US president was reportedly contemplating against immigrants much closer to home - specifically at the Mexican border.

According to a horrifying October 1 New York Times report, Trump was so enraged at the continuing efforts of desperate Central American immigrants to find refuge in the United Stated from poverty, violence and persecution in their home countries, that he suggested shooting them in the legs, butting snakes and alligators in border trenches, and installing flesh-piercing spikes on top of electrified border fences. The Times also reports that Trump (like a true fascist dictator) claimed that he had the unilateral power to close down the entire US.Mexican border and that he wanted it closed by noon the next day.

See: New York Times, October 1:

Shoot Them in the Legs, Trump Suggested: Inside His Border War


In addition to making the above brutal and inhuman suggestions of ways to mistreat and abuse immigrants, Trump made the following statements at a March White House meeting with immigration advisers and top DHS officials, according to the above article:

"I have absolute power to shut down the border."

"You are making me look like an idiot!.. I ran on this. It's my issue."

According to the same report, Trump also berated the then DHS Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, whom he had constantly criticized as being weak - except only when border agents had fired tear gas at immigrants trying to cross into the US. The Times writes:

"The happiest he [Trump] had been with Ms. Nielsen was a few months earlier, when American border agents had fired tear gas into Mexico to try to stop migrants form crossing into the United States. Human rights organizations condemned the move, but Mr. Trump loved it."

But the article makes clear that, in general Trump definitely did not "Love" Nielsen's attempts to persuade him to abide by the law and show an ounce or two of humanity toward immigrants of color. Trump told her:

"Lou Dobbs hates you. Ann Coulter hates you, you're making me look bad."

The Times article also relates that the DHS Secretary was not the only object of Trump's fury. Current secretary of State Pompeo also came in for a tongue-lashing:

"That March day, he [Trump] was also furious with Mr. Pompeo too, for having cut a deal with Mexico to allow the United Stats to reject soe asylum seekers - a plan Mr. Trump said was clearly failing."

Te overall picture that emerges from this article is an ominous and frightening one for anyone who cares about immigrants' human rights, America's democracy, or the fitness of office of a US president whose expressions of hatred and brutality toward nonwhite immigrants at the Mexican border, if the NYT story is accurate, can only be described as deranged.

But the impeachment investigation that Congress urgently needs to conduct against Trump should not be based only on his above reported outbursts and verbal expressions of hatred against non-white immigrants. The impeachment investigation should also include the Trump administrations long list of policies and actions that are clearly based on and motivated by what the federal courts politely - far two politely - call his "animus" against immigrants who are not from what Trump himself refers to as "Countries Like Norway."

As this same article also reports, Trump's right-hand man, Stephen Miller, subsequently initiated purge, not only of Nielsen herself, but many other DHS officials who tried to act within the law by carrying out Trump's attempts to keep brown immigrants out of the US and expel as many of those who are already here as possible.

One of the most dangerous, destructive and far reaching actions that Trump and Miller have taken to try to keep America's face of immigration white for as long as possible is the new, wildly expanded and distorted Public Charge rules, which are aimed entirely against legal immigrants, and which Miller himself has been quoted as saying are meant to be "socially transformative" - in other words, directed against Asian, African, Latin American, Middle Eastern and Caribbean immigrants whose countries are in general less affluent than those of white Europe.

Unless blocked by the courts, this revival and huge expansion of an exclusionary policy that has been used as an instrument of anti-immigrant bigotry in America for almost 200 years - or more- is set to go into effect on October 15, 2019, less than two weeks from this writing. I will have more to say about this rule - very likely the most drastic and destructive of al of the many assaults on legal nonwhite immigration by Trump and Miller, in a forthcoming comment.

Of course, Public Charge is not the only example of cruelty and hatred against non-white immigrants in the Trump-Miller immigration agenda. There are many instances of physical violence against immigrants as an integral part of this agenda - the concentration camp-like detention conditions affecting both adults and children - the indefinite detention agenda - the mass deportation terror raids leaving hundreds of children screaming for their parents and crying in the streets.

These are only a few examples of egregious violence against immigrants and human rights violations, very possibly amounting to crimes against humanity, by a US president who does not show a single grain of compassion for any immigrant who does not happen to be white; but who constantly vilifies and dehumanizes non-European immigrants as "criminals" and "terrorists", and attacks their US citizen defenders and advocates as "traitors".

If the House impeachment committees do not include Trump's agenda of hatred, violence and lawlessness against brown immigrants as part of their investigations, they will be doing a great disservice to the American people as well as immigrants, and will be failing to protect our democracy against the imminent danger that it is now in from Trump and the anti-immigrant enablers in his administration and Congress.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law.