If there is any one single feature that history may remember Donald Trump's presidency for, it could very likely be his inhumanity toward Central American and other Latino immigrants. Future generations will look back with horror and disdain on his administration's separating young children from their parents; locking children in cages; fighting in court for the "right" to deny detained immigrant children soap, toothbrushes and sleeping places; and other abuses against their essential humanity which have drawn condemnation and comparison to concentration camps from human rights advocates all over the world including the United Nations.

Nor is history likely to forget the Trump administration's actions to institutionalize bigotry against Latino immigrants and make it part of America's legal system - most recently in Trump's ban in Central American asylum seekers by forcing them to apply first in Mexico or other dangerous countries in violation of every basic principle of US and international asylum and human rights law.

Even more shocking and horrifying is the recent reported announcement by Trump appointed DHS officials that children and adult immigrants with life-threatening conditions for which they are receiving treatment in the US that is not available in their home countries may be deported anyway- amounting to a death sentence. This could be Donald Trump's most despicable legacy of all for future generations (assuming that humanity survives his Global Warming denial, another shameful and devastating policy that is not unrelated to immigration). See my comment below.

History will also not easily forget Trump's and Stephen Miller's appalling attempt to revive the "Public Charge" bigotry which was once used against Irish, Italian and Jewish immigrants, and to use a greatly expanded version of it - far beyond anything previously known or understood by this term - and to use this inflated version - without Congressional approval - to keep out Latino and most other non-European immigrants.

Yet this is the same Donald Trump who, as reported in the September 16 Washington Post, traveled to New Mexico, where half the State is Latino, to tout himself a a great friend of Hispanic US citizens. See:

In New Mexico, Trump makes a direct appeal to Hispanic voters

But even as he lavished praise on Latino US citizens, Trump gave away his real feelings toward Latino people in general. First, while declaring how much he supports America's "extraordinary Hispanic American, in including Mexican, US citizens, he returned to his usual hate-mongering against Latino immigrants, saying:

"The Hispanic Americans understand they don't want criminal gangs across the border, they don't want people taking their jobs, they want security, and they want the wall.'

And even more revealing of the president's real feelings toward Latinos, Trump said the following about one of his higher-profile TV supporters, Steve Cortes;

"He happens to be Hispanic, but I've never quite figured it out because he looks more like a WASP [White Anglo-Saxon Protestant] than I do,..there is nobody that loves this country or Hispanics than Steve Cortes."

Trump concluded:

"We love our Hispanics!"

As long as they look white, that is.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law