In one of the most chilling warnings yet that the Trump-Miller white supremacist immigration agenda is leading toward fascism in America, Huffington Post reports that the FBI is targeting groups that are protesting against the administration's attempts to stop Central American and other brown immigrants from entering the US through the Mexican border. The FBI is reportedly labeling these peaceful, non-violent protest groups as "Extremist Organizations".See,September 4:

Document Reveals The FBI Is Tracking Border Protest Groups As Extremist Organizations

See also, Yahoo News, September 4;

Yahoo News quotes Geoffrey Stone, a University of Chicago Law Professor, as follows:

"If you're investigating anti-war and anti-Trump groups, you run the risk of interfering with free speech rights..."

The Trump-Miller administration is not just "running a risk" of interfering with free speech rights of immigrants and immigration supporters. Immigration activists have been targeted and singled out for deportation, and Trump has called for four Congresswomen who are just as American as he is (though he doesn't recognize them as such because of their skin color) to be sent back away from America because they spoke out against abuses in Trump's immigration jails.

Today, the focus is on the appalling conditions in immigration prisons which have been compared by observers with concentration camps in some respects (even if they may not meet the full definition, which is a pointless argument in any case).

Bu now that the FBI is investigating pro-immigrant activists, it might not be long before America's "concentration camps" start to fill up with American citizens too, who have spoken out against the Trump-Miller agenda of treating brown immigrants like animals and denying them all human rights.

Then America will have full-blown fascism, and our 250-year-old experiment with democracy will be over. Every move that the Trump-Miller administration makes to intimidate and retaliate against immigrants and their US citizen supporters is a sign of creeping fascism which is bringing the day when America will have the real version closer and closer.


Roger Algase
Attorney at Law