ThinkProgress reports on July 30 that in his latest attempt to destroy the fundamental human rights of asylum seekers under international law and to deprive nonwhite immigrants of any vestige of fairness or due process under the laws of the United States Donald Trump's top immigration adviser Stephen Miller is pushing a proposal to sabotage asylum "credible Fear" determinations at the US border. in order to increase denial rates.. See:

Scandal-plagued Border Patrol would be in charge of asylum interviews if Stephen Miller gets his way.

Miller's proposal would shift responsibility for conducting these critically important interviews, which decide whether an asylum applicant at the US border is entitled to a full asylum hearing or whether he or she will be summarily sent back to face potential danger in Mexico or Central America from well-trained USCIS asylum officers over to Border Patrol officers with little or no knowledge of Asylum law.

The above report states that Miller openly stated that the reason for the change is to obtain higher Credible Fear determination denial rates. Trying to rig the asylum system to produce more denials in pursuit of Trump's and Miller's white supremacist immigration agenda, instead of deciding each case on its merits, goes against every principle of justice known to America and any other democratic society.

It also directly violates the fundamental human right to seek asylum which was enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 70 years ago. Article 13(2) of the Universal Declaration provides:

"[everyone has the right to leave every country, including his own"

Since that time, a long list of international and US legal protections for the human rights of asylum seekers has been developed, culminating most recently in the Global Compact on Migration which was adopted at Marrakesh, Morocco, in December. 2018.

Miller's latest proposal is yet another one of the Trump's administration's actions which would directly violate these essential human rights under international law in order to keep America white.

The framework of international and and domestic laws protecting immigrants' essential human rights, which the Trump administration is trying so hard to undermine and unravel to serve its own white supremacist immigration agenda, will be discussed in more detail in my forthcoming comments.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law