Four of the most recent developments in Donald Trump's immigration agenda that are currently in the news are being reported by most of of the media as if they were separate, unrelated items. But they are not isolated events.

They are all part of a coordinated campaign, in all likelihood directed by or heavily influenced by Trump's anti-immigrant guru and ideologue in chief Stephen Miller, (though there is no way of proving this since he works behind the scenes and the weak, timid House Democratic leadership has so far not investigated him or called him to testify).

These four items ,which could be called the Four Horsemen of Trump's immigration agenda, are "Districting", Detention, Deportation, and Definition. They may be separate actions or projects, but they all serve the same goal, which could well be described as follows:

"Brown immigrants do not count as people and have no human rights."

I refer to the following four developments:

1) "Districting": This strategy for making Congress more white is the name that Trump himself has given to his bitter fight to include a US citizenship question in the 2020 census so that millions of brown immigrants living in this country will become invisible and not even count as people;

The census citizenship question is so obviously meant to support a racist objective that the Justice Department's own lawyers are now asking a federal court for permission to withdraw from defending the Trump administration on this issue, and even Trump's chief protector and right hand man, A.G. William Barr, doesn't seem to have clue about how to justify using this question in the census. See, Washington Post, July 8:

Plaintiffs seek to block Justice Department from changing lawyers in census citizenship case

2) Detention: This refers to Trump's horrific border detention centers for Central American and other brown immigrants, which the UN Human Rights monitor as condemned for their "appalling" conditions and which AOC and other observers have compared to concentration camps. See the horrifying, Daily Kos July 8 story:

Racist Trump supporters mock children in cages


3) Deportation: A top Trump administration official Acting USCIS director Ken Cuccinelli, who has an applling personal history of anti-immigrant bigotry in his public statements (as I have discussed in previous comments) has j announced that the Trump administration plans to deport up to a million brown immigrants; See, July 8

Trump's acting citizenship and immigration director says he's ready to deport one million people

It is curious, to say the least, that Cuccinelli is talking about deportation at all. His agency is supposed to be granting legal immigration benefits, not deporting immigrants, which is done by ICE.

With a director who seems more interested in deporting a million brown people, how fair will the USCIS decisions on legal immigration benefit petitions and applications be from now on?

3) Definition: Secretary of State Pompeo has launched an Orwellian campaign to "redefine" Human Rights in a way which, without mentioning immigration specifically, would almost certainly have the result of concluding that there is no such thing as immigrant human rights. This would have the effect of nullifying an international compact aimed at protecting the human rights of immigrants. See: ThinkProgress, July 8:

Pompeo announces new human rights commission with zero hint of irony

I will discuss each of these "Four Horsemen" of Trump's Demonization and Discrimination agenda against brown immigrants in more detail in forthcoming comments

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law