In the wake of the ongoing coup putting Stephen Miller, whom even the notorious enforcer of Trump's inhuman family separation policy, just fired DHS secretary Kirsten Nielsen, reportedly accused of "hating brown people" (see my April 9 comment) in total charge of America's immigration system, it is becoming clear that the so,called "crisis" at the Mexican border is only a pretext for substituting the rule od cruelty for the rule of law in Donald Trump's immigration regime.

What does Trump's "border crisis" really consist of? It is nothing more than a wave of desperate people, mainly women and children, seeking to escape intolerable persecution and poverty in their own countries to seek a beter life in America, just as my own Russian-Jewish grandparents did when they came to America near the end of the 19th century, and just as the families of many millions of other Americans did, including the forebears of many people who voted for Trump in 2016.

As is well known Trump's own mother came to the US to escape the intolerable poverty she grew up in in rural Scotland, and Miller's own great-grandfather came to the US to escape the persecution of Jews in Czarist Russia. What makes their cases any different from those of the Central American refugees now seeking entry at the US border to file lawful asylum claims? Only that Trump's and Miller's families were white, whereas most of today's immigrants, legal and unauthorized both, are not.

That, in a nutshell, is America's "border crisis."

Is there anything in that that can justify the appalling cruelty that we have seen in the Trump's administration's treatment of brown immigrants and their children to date? The latest news reports show that with Miller in place as Trump's new immigration "Czar" (ironic, for the reasons mentioned above_ we can expect even more cruelty, even more disregard for the rule of law in immigration.

ThinkProgress reports on April 9 that Miller wants to bring back Trump's horrendous family separation policy under the Orwellian euphemism "binary choice". See,

Trump reportedly wants family separation again. This Health Department official hit back't-have-capacity-d5bc24de5ed1/

Se also, Washington Post, April 9:

Trump administration considers revised version of family separation tactic

Beyond specific cruelties and human rights violation against brown immigrants, it is also becoming clear that the main dispute between Trump and Nielsen was that, while she was willing to carry out his abnti-immigrant cruelties as much as possible within the law, she was not willing to defy the law or overturn it in order to do so. Trump, and Miller, obviously, have no such compunctions. See New York Magazine:

Trump Demands Homeland Secretary Who Will Break the Law

and, Greg Sargent, also in the April 9 Washington Post:

For Trump. the cruelty is the point. But it's actually worse than that

Saregent writes that Trump's and Miller's goals include the following:

"These include further limits on who can seek asylum, stronger action to close [legal] ports of entry along the Mexican border, an executive order to end birthright citizenship; more aggressive construction of a border wall; and a more robust embrace of active-duty troops to ensure the border against illegal immigration.

And Axios reports that Trump and Miller also hope to raise the bar for people to invoke 'credible fear of persecution in home countries. They might try to get the State Department to produce "analysis' that contradicts migrants' claims about conditions in their home countries."

In other words, not only overriding the law entirely, but twisting and distorting it to achieve the whites only immigration goal that Trump's extreme far right "base" supporters have at the top of their agenda, is also on the plate in the Trump=Miller immigration takeover.

This raises another question: Where are the Democrats and all other advocates of preserving America's current race-neutral immigration system - and our democracy - from being destroyed. Is this not far more urgent than all the focus on whether the GOP leaders will be successful in covering up the Mueller report findings or continuing to hide Trump's tax returns from the public?

Instead of these side issues, should the Trump-Miller attempt to destroy our current immigration system and replace it with a whites-only one governed by an imperial "Czar" rather the rule of law be firnt and center in Congressional investigations?

Are these not the most serious grounds for impeachment proceedings of all?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law