Update, April 14:

See my revised April 13 comment:

Instead of impeaching Trump, Democratic leaders offer weak response to his DHS purge and agenda of hate against brown immigrants and Muslims

Amid multiple news reports that Trump's firing of DHS chief Kirstjen Nielsen is part of a wider purge of immigration officials which is expected to include the USCIS director, L. Francis Cissna, the most disturbing report of all is one in Slate that Trump has told his top immigration adviser, Stephen Miller, that Miller is now in charge of immigration. This is an appalling prospect which should be of immediate and urgent concern to every immigration advocate and every lawyer involved with immigration in any way - whether asylum,, deportation, EB-5, family visas and green cards, or skilled and less skilled immigration such as H-1B, L-1, EB-2, O-1 or labor certification green cards. There is every reason to believe that the entire US immigration system, founded on the principle of racial equality fro the past half century, is now under immediate and severe attack.

According to a April 8 report in alternet.org, Nielsen, who will certainly not be missed because of her attempts to carry out some of Trump's most cruel and extreme anti-immigrant policies, but who reportedly clashed with Trump because she wanted to at least give the appearance of following the rule of law, described Miller as someone who "hated brown people". It is now urgent for immigration advocates to turn the spotlight on Miller's record of anti-immigrant bigotry and to do everything possible to protect our current immigration system, including legal visas based on family relationships, diversity, and specialty occupation skills which are now under such intense attack from the Trump administration, before the entire system is demolished and replaced by a bigoted, white supremacist one similar to the 1924 "national origins" immigration act which some of Trump's extreme right wing base supporters look back to a a model for their vision of America's immigration future.

I will be writing more detailed comments as the story of Stephen Miller's impending takeover of America's entire immigration system, legal and unauthorized, develops.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law