Update, April 8, 2:14 pm:

See also, Greg Sargent, in the April 8 Washington Post:

Kirstjen Nielsen just revealed how Trump's pathologies and lawlessness will get worse

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In another evident coup by Stephen Miller, an archenemy of non-white immigrants, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has been purged from the Trump immigration regime and has announced her resignation after a meeting with Trump. No one would thnk for a moment that her resignation was voluntary. The Guardian reports:

Nielsen's position had been rocky for some time. In November, leaks from the White House suggested that she would b out by the end of the year as Trump fulminated against what he complained was her weak performance.

The previous May, the New York Times reported that Trump had humiliated her in front of the entire cabinet, castigating her for failing to reduce the numbers of undocumented migrants entering the US from Mexico. The newspaper said she considered quitting then."

See: https://www.theguadian.com/us-news/2019/apr/07/kirstjen-nielsen-resigns-trump-homeland-security-secretary

Just two days before Nielsen's ouster, Trump made a trip to the border and ranted; referring to immigrants coming through or from Mexico:

"We can't take you any more. Our country is full."

As is the case with so many of his statements and actions regarding immigration, this statement is not limited to immigrants who enter the without permission, but obviously refers to all brown-skinned immigrants. There can be no doubt that Nielsen's DHS was complicit in taking numerous administrative action to limit legal immigration, not only unauthorized immigration, at Trump's and Miller's behest.

The Guardian sums up Nielsen's role succinctly:

Nielsen had a very rough ride as the fall guy for Trump's hardline immigration policy."

This is not to say that she did not try her best to be a loyal servant of her masters' whites only immigration agenda. The Guardian quotes Ronald Newman, political director of the ACLU as stating that Nielsen was a:

"...key cog in Trump's unconstitutional and anti-immigrant agenda of fear."

Newman also said that Nielsen was responsible for:

"gross civil rights and civil liberties violations that will go down as among the worst failures in Trump's chaotic presidency... [including] the family separation policy she created and defended, to the restricting of immigrants' rights to seek asylum, to the relentless but pointless efforts to build Trump's border wall.'

, more than anything else in her tenure as Trump's immigration toady, Nielsen will be remembered fro what The Guardian sums up as follows:

"It emerged on Saturday that the Trump administration has predicted that it could take two years to identify all families affected by the separation policy. Nielsen famously and repeatedly claimed that no such policy existed."

One can be quite sure that lying about family separation and taking too long to reunite more than 2,000 children whose lives may be scarred forever with their families were not among the reasons that Nielsen has been purged, Soviet-style from the Trump-Miller immigration apparatus, as Trump's promises an even "tougher" line toward both legal and unauthorized non-European immigrants.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law