I owe an apology to Donald Trump. For quite some time, I have been writing that Trump has a special hatred reserved for non-white immigrants only, based on a misguided belief (or, more accurately - propaganda to stir but his bigoted base supporters) that demonizing, vilifying, excluding incarcerating and deporting non-citizens (who just happen almost 100 per cent of the time to be non-white and non-European) would somehow benefit Americans.

But, based on his latest dehumanizing invective toward the predominantly Hispanic US citizens of Puerto Rico, it is now apparent that Trump's hatred of immigrants is not based primarily on their immigration or citizenship status, but is part of a far reaching and pervasive antagonism toward all non-white people, including American citizens

The issue is not only about Trump's bigoted Border Wall and Muslim ban. It is about the white supremacist ideology that Trump and his base supporters hold toward everyone - in America and the entire world.

The rationale that Trump and his supporters have been using for his broad assault on legal, not only unauthorized, immigration by brown people is that keeping them out of or removing them from the United States would protect the safety, security and jobs of ordinary Americans. Therefore, any form of cruelty toward immigrants - whether the heinous family separation policy that his DHS secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, has been accused in the media of falsely claiming ot Congress not to have existed; locking Central American children in cages; or Stephen Miller's wide assault on legal legal immigration - lowering refugee admissions, trying to TPS and DACA for hundreds of thousands of innocent, hard-working, tax-paying, productive immigrants who do not have the white skin that he and Trump prize so highly; twisting and distorting the asylum laws to keep out thousands of women and children endangered by gang violence; or rigging the procedures for applying for legal green cards and visas with biased and legally indefensible RFE's and denials, has been justified as an attempt to protect Americans and their standard of living.

But now, with Trump's vicious and unconscionable attacks on the people of Puerto Rico who have been devastated by hurricane Maria, his outrageous denial of even the death toll itself, reliably estimated at well over 3,000; and most recently his despicable threat to cut off most aid to that Island, which is still trying to recover from his administration's shocking neglect,, Trump has shown that his venomous "animus" (as the lower federal courts politely call it) toward brown people is no limited to immigrants. It extends to Americans too. Therefore, Trump's anti-immigrant agenda id not motivated on;y by hatred against immigrants - it is part of a wider agenda of denying the human rights - and the humanity itself - of all brown people, including Americans.

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Roger Algase
Attorney at Law