It is time to be honest with ourselves as a nation. All the hysteria that the president and his supporters are Trumping up over "crime and drugs" allegedly "pouring into our country" in support of a totalitarian Wall along the Mexican border is based on a myth.

Most Central American and other asylum seekers at the bother are not criminals but people who are looking for a better life in America. Most drugs come in through legal border crossing points, and most "illegal" immigrants are visa overstays.

It is also well known that even "illegal" immigrants generally have lower crime rates than native born Americans, and the recent massacre of 50 Muslim worshipers at two mosques in New Zealand by a white nationalist who claimed Donald Trump as an inspiration - mirrored by the growing threats of violence by white supremacist groups in the US.

No, the two Big "S's" Safety and Security" are not the real reasons for all the feverish agitation over the Wall, or the equally overdone hand wringing by some immigration opponents over court backlogs which prevent deportations from moving along as quickly as they would like to see.

The real worry for immigration opponents are not the "2 S's" but the 2 Big D's - Diversity and Demographics

The argument that is being put forward by people who are too knowledgeable and intelligent to take Donald Trump's rantings about immigrant CRIME!!! seriously, but are still opposed to immigration, is essentially a recycled version of one that has been around almost as long as America has been in existence. Boiled down, the argument can be summarized as:

"We're not against people who look different or practice different religions from ourselves. We just don't have enough room for them."

The latest argument along this line is put forth by former G.W. Bush speechwriter David Frum in the April, 2019 issue of The Atlantic. See:

If Liberals Won't Enforce Borders, Fascists Will

-In a 28-page article, which repeats almost every argument against immigration that has ever been used, Frum, himself an immigrant from Canada, professes to be opposed to Trump's anti-immigrant demagogy and fear-mongering, but warns about the effect of immigration on more "objective" grounds - society, wage rates, economics, government, educational levels - there is a long list.

He also manages to take a swipe at two of Trumps favorite punching bags, family immigration and the Diversity lottery, while using more polite language about these programs than the president does.

But if one reads far enough into Frum's article, buried somewhere in the middle, we find what is arguably the real reason for Frum's concern over "too much" immigration;

"No wonder that, according to a 2016 survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and The Atlantic, nearly half of white working class Americans agree with this statement: 'Things have changed so much that I often feel like a stranger in my own country.'"

In other words, the concern over immigration is that America might not stay white.

I will have more to say about David Frum's article in forthcoming comments.

Roger Algase

Attorney at Law