Ever since the explosive testimony of Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen involving non-immigration related matters that are beyond the scope of this comment, the word "impeachment" is no longer an unmentionable term which no one dares to use with reference to Donald Trump, but one that is now becoming a word that at least a few people are no longer afraid to use, albeit with a great deal of hemming and hawing and disclaimers that maybe they don't really mean it - at least not right now..

See former Watergate prosecutor's counsel Philip Lacovara, writing in the Washington Post on March 5,

The House isn't doing its duty unless it investigates impeachment

So far, few if any of the discussions of impeachment have mentioned Trump's overtly racial anti-immigrant agenda, based on his central proposition that most, if not all, brown immigrants are allegedly dangerous criminals and terrorists who must be kept out of and expelled from the US at all costs.

To be sure, it is important to be careful to avoid impeachment of any US president over mere policy disagreements. This would be dangerous for our democracy.

But what happens when a president's "animus" toward immigrants of color is so pervasive that it violates the equal protection rights of American citizens as well as immigrants, and leads to openly authoritarian abuses of power such as his attempts to rewrite the nation's immigration laws without Congress through executive orders, and declaring a "national emergency" to deal with a bogus "border crisis"?

Should not these issues also be investigated as grounds for impeaching Donald Trump?

I will be discussing this vitally urgent issue in forthcoming comments. In the meantime, let us hope that the House Judiciary Committee and other House committees responsible for immigration oversight will get serious about calling top White House and DHS officials to testify about the overt racism behind Trump's entire immigration agenda.

Yes, and this includes, first and foremost, Stephen Miller.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law