TheWashington Post reports on February 12 that key Congressional negotiators on both sides have reach a tentative agreement regarding Trump's border Wall demand that would keep the government open and avoid another catastrophic shutdown that would devastate the lives of millions of Americans - not only government workers - who have already paid a heavy price for Trump's white supremacist immigration policies in the previous shutdown, the longest in US history..

Not surprisingly, the new reported compromise contains virtually no additional money for Trump's Wall beyond the $1,3 billion which the Democrats had already agreed to. But that is the way bipartisanship works in our democracy.

However, as expected, Sean Hannity and other of Trump's anti-immigrant supporters are outraged, and are urging him to reject the deal - even if ti means another catastrophic shutdown.

See: Washington Post:

Lawmakers say they have reached am 'agreement in principle' to avoid another shutdown

As Steven Jonas, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook (NY) writes in a perceptive February 1 article, the real issue over Trump's Wall is not the fake pretext of "border security" but whether America will remain a democracy. See:

Ann Coulter's Wall and Trump's Continuing Drive Toward Fascism

Jonas writes:

"But Trump is so stuck on the Wall that, as is all-too-well-known, he caused the disastrous...government shutdown over it. But then [he] was on the verge of making a dead which included some things that the Far-Right doesn't like... and some of their leadership, with Ann Coulter way-out-in-front, went ballistic."

Jonas continues by warning against Trump's threat to declare a "national emergency" based on the notorious "Big Lie" technique which destroyed democracy in another time and place.

The choice is clear: will America continue to be a nation governed by the will of its people through their elected representatives in both parties who are now emphatically refusing to provide many for Trump's Wall? Or will we have government by Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and other far right wingers who evidently do not mind seeing America go fascist if that is what it takes to keep brown immigrants out of the US?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law