In a powerful and comprehensive January 29 report to the Senate Select Subcommittee on Intelligence, Daniel R..Coats, Director of National Intelligence, shows that there is absolutely no factual basis for Trump's constantly repeated claim that immigration from Central America presents a national security threat to the United States, or that there is any need whatsoever for a border Wall.

To the contrary, in item after item, whether involving North Korea, Russia, China, Climate Change or ISIS, Coats' report, even though it doesn't say so explicitly, shows unmistakably that Trump is ignoring or downplaying real, non-immigration related security dangers in order to focus on scapegoating brown immigrants.

In a 42 page report, after more than 40 pages of discussion of various grave security threats to America which have nothing at all to do with immigration or Central America, Trump's bogus:"national security" claim is quickly and easily dismissed in the following language near the bottom of page 41:

"Central America

"We assess that high crime rates and weak job markets will spur US-bound migrants from the Northern Triangle - El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras - while a political crackdown in Nicaragua dims that country's already bleak economic outlook. Illicit migration northward from the region shows no signs of abating, despite increased messaging by governments to dissuade potential migrants and stepped-up immigration enforcement by Mexico. Many migrants apparently perceive that traveling in caravans on the journey north affords a certain level of security, and the decision to do so appears ro result from a combination of individual motivation, encouragement from social media postings, and politically motivated efforts by some individuals and organizations." (Italics and bold in the original.)

The only other reference that might have any possible relevance in the report is on page 40, as follows (Bold and Italics in the original.)


Flagging economies, migration flows corruption, narcotics trafficking, and anti-US autocrats will present continuing challenges to U.S. interests, as U.S. adversaries and strategic competitors seek greater influence in the region."

See: New York Times:

Coats' only other reported comment was before the Senate subcommittee itself, as Time reports

"We assessed that Mexico, under new leadership, will pursue cooperation with the United States as it tries to reduce violence and address socioeconomic issues, but authorities still do not have the capability to fully address the reduction, the flow, and trafficking of the drug cartels. High crime rates and weak job markets will continue to spur U.S. bound migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras."

Even the most committed Trump supporters would not seriously argue that any of the above amounts to a real security threat to the US, much less a "national emergency".at the Mexican border.

The only thing Coats describes is desperate brown people trying to escape violence of poverty by seeking a better life in the United States, just as millions of white immigrants (including Donald Trump's own mother) did before them.

Therefore, some Trump supporters have made up their own fantasies about a "security threat" at the Mexican border such as an imaginary "classified" report which only Trump knows about, or a equally fantasied "Jihadist" threat. - neither of which are supported by any real evidence.

(The conservative CATO Institute estimates that there might be a "very small threat" of terrorism at thee most.)

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Trump's hostile reaction to Coats' report shows that the president is much less interested in dealing with real threats to America's security, as identified by his own experts, than he is in vilifying and demonizing non-white immigrants so that he can justify spending billions of US taxpayer dollars on a huge Wall as a symbol hatred and exclusion against people who do not have the same skin color as immigrants from "Countries like Norway."

This raises a question about which is the greater threat to America's security - desperate mainly women and children fleeing from intolerable conditions in Central America, or the President of the United States himself.

This question would be very well worth exploring in impeachment proceedings against Trump in the House of Representatives - hopefully sooner rather than later.

Roger Algase

Attorney at Law