Update, January 25, 10:45 pm.Trump's border Wall - RIP

As usual, the mainstream media have done a fantastic job of missing the point entirely. The Wall funding issue was not a personal battle between Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi. It was not about who is a better or smarter politician or strategist.

It is not about who outwitted whom, if anyone did, when Trump finally "caved" on the evening of January 25 and signed a bill to reopen the government for 3 weeks - a bill which was also his Wall's epitaph and tombstone.

The Wall, which is now part of America's past and not its future, was about one issue and one issue only:

Would America continue to be a country which honors the ideal of welcoming people to this country regardless of race, creed, color or part of the world they come from in the spirit of the Statue of Liberty?

Or would it tear down the Statue (in spirit) and replace it with a concrete or steel Wall of hate.against brown and black immigrants who are not from "Countries like Norway?

Trump's Wall may now be part of past history, but the battle over what kind of nation America be - one which goes back to the principle of white supremacy in immigration of the Chinese exclusion laws and the 1924 "Nordics -only" immigration act, or one which looks forward to a future of common humanity for everyone goes on.

As shown in my original comment below, Trump's Wall was only meant to be the most visible (from the moon, like the Great Wall of China) part of a much larger agenda of white supremacy and hatred against brown and black immigrants in all categories - legal as well as "irregular".

Far too much of this "invisible" regulatory Wall of racism and hatred against non-white immigrants has already been constructed - by Trump's chief anti immigrant architect, Stephen Miller - cheered on by Steve King, Ann Coulter, and other immigration white supremacists.

Now that the visible Wall has been consigned to the history books, it is time to start tearing down Trump's invisible Wall of anti-immigrant cruelty and hatred.

My original comment appears below,

Representative Steve King (R-Iowa), an avowed white supremacist who has been pushing anti-immigrant policies similar to Trump's long before Trump came on the scene - see NY Times:

Before Trump, Steve King Set the Agenda for the Wall and Anti-Immigrant Politics


and other anti-immigration extremists such as Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and top White House adviser Stephen Miller, who have a major influence over administration immigration policy by all accounts, may think that Trump is too "weak" in fighting for his Wall.

But they should have nothing to complain about as far as the rest of Trump's immigration policies are concerned.

Over the past two years, Trump has been carrying out his campaign promises to, exclude and expel non-European immigrants beyond the expectations of even the most confirmed white supremacists.

A January 20 ThinkProgress article by Rebekah Entralgo lists only a few of the many ways in which Trump has made good on his campaign pledge of anti-immigrant ethnic cleansing in order to keep America white:

See: The state of immigration, 2 years into Trump's presidency


The article begins:

"Over the past two years, Trump's racist and exclusionary policies have had disastrous [e]ffects on the US immigration system. A glance at his administration's record, by thenumbers, proves just how hard it has been hit."

The article lists the following numbers over the past two years::

1) Immigrants who have died in U.S. Custody - 24

2) Immigrant children separated from their parents under Trump's "zero-tolerance" policy- 2,737 [The real number may be much higher.]

3) Refugees currently admissible annually - 30,000 - lowest in decades

4) Number of immigrants arrested: 300,000

The above is only a small part of the devastating effect that the Trump administration has had on immigration, mainly by brown and black people, over the past two years.

It does not mention the assault on legal immigration that is now taking place by

a) Substituting denial notices for RFE's in legal immigration petitions and applications,

b) Biased new Public Charge rules which could bar millions of qualified immigrants from getting green cards,

c) Long delays in approving legal green cards caused by pointless interview requirements for employment-based petitions;

d) Relentless attacks and propaganda against legal family-based immigrants who seek to come to America the same way that his own family members did, but who do not have white skin color as well a calls to abolish the Diversity lottery, which has benefited many immigrants from Africa as well as other non-European parts of the world.

e) Attempts to sow confusion over and otherwise undermine the H-1B program, in direct contradiction of his claim that h favors "merit-based" immigration over family and low skilled immigration.

For more on the effects of Trump's "Wall" against legal immigration, see Peniel Ibe, writing of the American Friends Service Committee on November 26:

Trump's attacks on the legal immigration system explained.

There can be no doubt that this agenda is already having a major impact in reducing legal immigration, as The Guardian explains on January 15: See:

How Trump' 'invisible wall" policies have already curbed immigration


The above shows that the controversy over Trump's wall is not just a matter of whether a concrete or steel barrier should be constructed along the Southern border. The real issue is whether America will continue to be a nation of diversity and racial equality in immigration, or whether it will return to its white supremacist immigration past.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law