Update: 7:31 pm December 27

The Washington Post reports on December 27 that Donald Trump is still using the Wall to spread more hatred against Central American and other non-white immigrants, by tweeting that the Wall is needed to stop "Drugs, Human Trafficking, Gang Members & Criminals".

The truth. of course, that the above are exactly what the desperate, largely women and children immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras and other dangerous countries in Central America and elsewhere are trying to escape.

Trump's overtly racial attacks on Latino and other non-European immigrants are just as false and full of hatred as Hitler's claim that the Jews had "stabbed Germany in the back" during World War 1.

And they are just as dangerous to our democracy as Hitler's attacks on the Jews were to democracy in Germany. This is why the Democrats cannot and should not offer one single additional penny in funding for Trump's Wall.

My original comment follows below:

Even before Donald Trump began his infamous, failed policy of child separation last June, and , more recently, used tear gas on asylum-seeking Central American children at the Mexican border, his administration was coming under strong criticism for, allegedly, engaging in appalling cruelty toward non-white immigrant children.

CNN reported on June 21 that, according to one attorney representing detained immigrant children:

"There seems to be a level of cruel intent I've never seen before and a real indifference to the well-being of a child."


Whether or not this lack of concern for the well being of children led to the deaths of two young Central American asylum-seekers in CBP custody is a question that DHS is now reportedly investigating, according to the Washington Post (December 26):

-After 2nd child dies in U.S. custody,Nielsen expands medical screenings, will head to border

One can also be quite sure that the incoming House Democratic controlled committees will b looking into the circumstances of these two deaths, as well as the Trump administration's inhuman treatment of detained immigrant children (and their parents) in general.

One can expect that not only Nielsen, but that Trump's chief anti-immigrant consigliere, Stephen Miller, as well as some of the president's other enablers, will have a good deal to answer for.

But it is not only the bigotry and cruelty that the Trump administration has been showing toward immigrants who do not have ancestry from the president's preferred "Countries like Norway" that pose a danger to America's democracy.

The biggest danger to our freedom comes from Trump's endless lies about brown and black immigrants: his constant demonizing of immigrants who are not from Europe as "criminals", "drug-dealers", "MS-13" and "terrorists". For just a few examples of the invective against brown immigrants which Trump uses on an almost daily basis, not only against women and children fleeing gang violence in Central America, but against all non-white immigrants , see Tara Golshan in vox.com (November 2):

Donald Trump's race-baiting closing argument going into Election Day, explained


Justas Adolf Hitler's constant lies about the Jews led to the destruction of democracy in Germany, almost nine decades ago, Trump's constant attacks on brown and black immigrants threaten to do the same in America today.

Cultural Studies professor Henry Giroux of McMaster University (Ontario), an authority totalitarianism explains in his November 25 article:

Trump's fascist efforts to demolish democracy


Giroux begins:

"Driven by a hatred of 'the other' and infused with narratives of decline and victimization, fascist politics trade in an incendiary rhetoric of fear, demonization and violence."

He continues:

"One recent example can be found in U.S. President Donald Trump's ongoing escalation of attacks on migrants. He has referred to the caravan of refugees from Central America as an invading criminal force...

Prior to the midterm elections, he called immigrants 'predatory' and 'the worst scum in the world'...

Trump's language does more than promote a decline in civility, it also advocates state terrorism while functioning as a savage nod to the most extremist elements of his base of support."

(Think Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, who are very arguably responsible for the current government shutdown and resulting hardship to hundreds of thousands of loyal, hardworking US government employees who have to get through the holidays - and perhaps well into the coming new year, without paychecks through no fault of their own due to Trump's attacks against non-white immigrants.)

Giroux continues:

"For instance, [Trump] has threatened to order U.S. soldiers to shoot migrants and refugees from Central America if they throw rocks at them. In addition, he has pledged to use an executive order to rewrite the U.S. constitution and annul birthright citizenship."

This last sentence above shows the direct connection between the hatred that Trump is promoting against immigrants and his clear and present danger to America's democracy, which is based on the principle of birthrights citizenship.

Giroux concludes with a warning which Americans can ignore only at the peril of losing our democracy and our freedoms:

Trump has unleashed what Frankfort School theorist Theodore Adorno once called an 'authoritarian irrationality', the dark and menacing underside of a racist and totalitarian psychology and politics.

Trump may not be Adolf Hitler, but there are disturbing similarities in his language and reactionary policies."

It is all too easy to try to dismiss Trump's invective, lies and efforts to stir up hatred against Latino, Asian, African, Caribbean and Middle Eastern immigrants as just "rhetoric".

To the contrary, this "rhetoric" is a dagger pointed at the heart of not only our immigration system, including legal immigration, but against everything America stands for, including our democracy itself.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law