Now that a second Central American immigrant child has died in CBP custody while Donald Trump was spending the Christmas holiday raging over the Democrats' refusal to fund his authoritarian, white supremacist border Wall, it is worth looking more closely into what the Wall really stands for. See: Washington Post, December 26:

Migrant boy dies in U.S. custody; Trump vows shutdown will last until border wall is funded

So what is the policy significance of a border wall?

Not too many years ago, (on a freezing windy December day) I had the opportunity to visit a small section of the Great Wall of China, a major tourist attraction outside Beijing (and, as i read somewhere once, the only man made object on earth that is visible from the moon).

Joining a crowd of other tourists watching a group of Red Army soldiers posing for a photo, I felt as if if I was in a welcoming and friendly place. But as Carthage University (Wisconsin) professor of Spanish, Chinese and cultural studies Mimi Yang points out in a perceptive and illuminating article about the Great Wall, its purpose was far from friendly or welcoming. It was to keep out "barbarians" - people perceived as inferior. See:

Crossing between the Great Wall of China and the "Great" Trump Wall

Professor Yang writes (In November, 2017)

"Across the Pacific thousands [of] miles [a]way and across a time span of more than two millennia, the Great Wall of China and the "Great" Trump Wall meet in the midst of the resurgence of the neo-nazi and the white supremacism, the anti-immigration sentiment, the Muslim ban..."

With respect to the origin of the Great Wall of China, Yang writes that arose because:

"The Sinocentric world view divide[d] the 'superior' Han from the northern "barbarians" and 'inferior'... [such as the Xiongnu, Qian, Li and Mongols among others)."

She also writes:

"The Trump Wall has its foundations cemented on fear, bigotry, and above, all, fundamental intolerance for difference."

This is not to say that Trump personally might not mind building a Wall with his name on it in huge letters which could also be seen form the moon. But, as I have mentioned above, the point is not about the president's character - it is about is racially motivated immigration policies.

There is a difference, of course, between Trump's Wall and the one that was begun in China 2,000 years ago and thousands of miles away. Trump is not mainly worried about "northern:barbarians". He is instead focused on the Southern border - keeping out Latino, and other brown and black immigrants from Central America and everywhere else except white Europe.

In view of the above, one can fully understand the Democrats' refusal (to date) to offer Trump a single additional penny for building his Wall. which has nothing to do with the security of the American people but everything to do with desert in order to making his anti-immigrant "base" supporters such as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh happy.

The Wall would also stand as a monument to Trump's attempts to bar non-white legal immigrants in almost every imaginable category, from H-1B specialty workers, to family green card applicants to refugees.


Trump's crackdown hits legal immigrants

Further comments on this topic will appear in my upcoming blog.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law